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Passionate individuals who want to make the world a better place.



Jarod Johnson


Jarod Johnson was abandoned by his father when he was only five years old, leaving him, his mother, and two brothers homeless. His mom's parents, Jarod's grandparents, ended up taking them in and letting them live with them for most of his life. They all shared a two-bedroom home in a small town. Jarod grew up angry and disrespectful. He was lashing out from the pain of his father leaving. He hung around the wrong crowds, got into trouble, did drugs, and seemed destined for failure. His family never received any help from anyone besides his grandparents, and Jarod noted that. Everyone wrote him off as a bad apple, destined for failure, but he had one of the biggest hearts; it was just broken for so long. After coming to terms with past traumas and realizing he was the issue with everything wrong in his life, he vowed to make a change and help people so that they didn't have to live the life he had. Every chance he got, he would help people by doing nice things, creating events for charities, or giving everyone a chance to become something more. One day he met a particular person who seemed to share his passion for helping people, and they decided to create a nonprofit dedicated to helping as many people as possible. That is when United In Change was born. 

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